E-cig or Iqos: what should i go for?

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the difference between iqos and e-cig

The tobacco industries has changed over the years, implementing their products with a brand new feature (or not feature) in their products. They took the chance and decided to take out fire (one of the most ancient of human discoveries) off the equation, and bet on a new combustion free technology. Technology has the power to change our present to shape the future to our needs.

In this article we are going to take a look on what a modern smoker wants for himself and take a look to which product between an E-cig (Electronic cigarette) or an Iqos, has the best chance to meet those needs.

To vape or not vape? The difference between two technologies

E-cigs and Iqos are products meant to substitute the old way of smoking cigarettes and tobacco, but how are they doing so? How do they work?

How do E-cigs work

An electronic cigarette warms up a specific liquid creating vapor that can be inhaled, doing so it creates for the user a sensation that feels like smoking a regular tobacco cigarette without all harmful downsides. An E-cig is composed by three parts:

  • A battery which is the power source that heats up the atomizer
  • An Atomizer which gets heated up by the battery up to the point where it is able to transform the vaping fluid into vapor
  • A Fluid container which will be a mix of substances made to be inhaled in the form of vapor, many times differently flavored and with a different amount of nicotine based on the user preference

How does Iqos work

Iqos is based on a patent of Philip Morris international called Heat Control Technology letting the device to heat the tobacco without starting the combustion. The Iqos is a cigarette shaped device made to fit Heat sticks.

The device is meant to work with real tobacco that is contained in the Heat stick.  Once the Heat stick is inserted (the stick looks like half cigarette) it can be smoked and the device would do the trick. Many flavors are available on the market to suit one preference. 

E-cigs flavors

Your vape buddy comes in different shapes and mods and it brings different flavors to the table so one can personalize it to taste. Many companies produce different kind of E-cigs so one can choose the best.

The flavors for the liquid tank may vary, and even if you can mix them to your preference, the liquids generally are divided in four categories:

  • Tobacco-flavored liquids, such as Burley, Cavendish, Virginia, Kentucky, Latakia, Perique, Piloto, and other blends such as American Blend, English Mixture, and so on
  • Fruity flavors of exotic and non-exotic fruit, such as banana, strawberry, mango, apple, kiwi, pineapple and others.
  • Creamy flavors, the set of liquids with the taste of cream, vanilla, milk, cereals, cheesecake and many others
  • Mentholated, all those liquids with balsamic or mentholated notes

So after you choose you personal mix of liquids with more or less nicotine, you can feel the tank press a button and start vaping! No tobacco needed. This is why over the last decade many smokers switched to E- cigs, willing to stop smoking regular cigarettes and it’s related consequences, and got into vaping instead.

Iqos flavors

On the other hand Iqos has this heat sticks which are sold in packages and need to be smoked as they come out of the package. Here are some of the tobacco flavors that can be found on the market:

  • Bronze – cocoa and nuts
  • Sienna – toasted tobacco and tea
  • Amber – woody and nutty
  • Turqois – zesty and mentholated

Different options are available based in what country you are buying the product.

Smoking alternatives are less harmful then regular tobacco?

Health concerns are the main reason that drove tobacco smokers away from the regular consumption of nicotine to safer alternatives. Both E-cigs and Iqos claim that eliminating combustion off the equation less harmful chemicals are released into our bodies. Both systems have a different approach to the same problem and yet, the same goal.

Electronic cigarettes have eliminated tobacco use from their device choosing to use. The vaping fluid contains: Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerol or Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Aroma, Nicotine (optional). This mixture if consumed as certified companies intended, it’s safer than regular burned tobacco.

The device designed by Philip Morris still uses tobacco, as mentioned earlier thru the Heat Control Technology the device only warms up the tobacco, without burning it.

The real impact on health will be monitored in the next decades, but scientific research and the public response are off for a good start.

So what should I do?

Both devices can offer a wide range of choices, to best suit anyone needs. If you are a tobacco geek Philip Morris can offer you adequate solutions for you tastes. If instead you want something that is tobacco free you should definitely go for an electronic cigarette for your vaping experience.

In conclusion if you are searching for an alternative to regular smoking you should consider switching to a safer alternative. And if you’re not a smoker, as long as you are a responsible adult you can approach to vaping, making an informed choice.

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