E-liquids: what should I vape?

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When considering vaping liquids it opens up a whole world of possibilities. The nicotine strength, The flavor, and the VG/PG ratio are essential elements to consider when it comes to buy an E-liquid, but is there something else we can put into the equation? How do I roam into this vast world and find what it is the best for me?

After making up your mind on what flavor, nicotine, VG/PG you want, it might be important taking in consideration the brand, the retailer your buying from and the cost of the product.

A good deal is always behind the corner. In this article we will “clear the fog” around E-liquids and hope to make a better understanding on the subject.

Decision making features for E-liquids

We now understand what it is important to take into consideration before buying an E-liquid. Let’s take a deeper look into what and why.

E-liquids nicotine strength

Were you a smoker? Or did you approached vaping by scratch? Either way you should know that E-liquids have a different content of nicotine to best suit anyone needs for vape. What’s the difference? 

Lighter content E-fluids: from 0 to 6

If you’re new to smoking or vaping in general you probably want to keep the nicotine content of the fluid low. For those who are not into smoking grabbing a 0mg content will probably be the best pick .

If those who are light smokers and they’re switching to vaping as an alternative to it, the best pick would probably be an E-fluid with a nicotine content of 3-6 mg, just enough to feel feel the light punch nicotine can give.

Medium to heavy nicotine: from over 6 to 24

This products are advised for those average to heavy smoker that decided to switch to vaping for a healthier alternative.

No combustion, no tobacco, but still the strong kick of nicotine an average/heav y smoker looks for. Particular devices might be recommended to best use this fluids, try to get some advice from a retailer to find your best choice.

The flavor bonanza: E-fluid aromas

E-liquids have an insane number of different flavors to best suit one preferences. They are dived in four great categories: Tobacco flavored, fruity, creamy, and menthol.

If looking for a tobacco flavored liquid you may find products with the flavor of many tobacco varieties as like: Burley, Cavendish, Virginia, Perique, Latakia and other blends.

On the fruity side of vape we can find: strawberry, mango, banana, kiwi and so on.

For the creamy type of flavors we can find: cheesecake, milk, vanilla and other “creamy” kind of flavors. Last but no least the menthol side of vape fluids there are those witch have a balsamic or mentholated feeling, for the users that need that freshness in their vape.

When it comes to flavors you should check what is the market offer, and try different tastes until you can find you’re favorites.

What is VG/PG ratio in E-fluids?

VG/PG are two short terms for vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol. These compounds are those that when heated up make the vapor. What about them?

  • VG/PG belong to the sugar alcohol class (despite the association they’re not intoxicating) and they are included in a lot of consumable products.
  • They are not oils, meaning that they can’t cause any of the medical problems related to inhaling oils.
  • The two have a different consistency and also give a different mouthfeel and throat feeling when vaped.
  • Most E-liquids have are a blend between the two. This is why it is important to control the VG/PG ratio of a liquid.

What VG/PG ratio am I looking for?

The VG/PG ratio in your E-liquid should come the closest as possible to your needs, here is how to find out what it’s best to buy.

  • Throat hit- when looking for a “punch” feeling in your vape you should go for a liquid that has an higher content of propylene glycol (PG). On the other hand if are more into a smooth kind of vaping you should look for an higher ratio of vegetable glycerin in the fluid.
  • Bigger clouds – if you are looking forward to become a steam train when it comes to vape you should go for an higher percentage of VG. Vegetable glycerin when heated produces more vapor and therefore bigger clouds.

In conclusion

When it comes to taste it takes time to understand what we like best. The best advice is try different products and different brands until you find what it’s right for you. Many start vaping a pen style and the switch to a bigger mod or vice-versa.

The golden rule to make your experience enjoyable is to be a responsible adventurer of vaping. Don’t be afraid to ask some vape expert to help you choose what is the best for you.

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