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The accessory products of the electronic cigarette are all those parts necessary for the operation of the ecig, therefore the batteries and the relative chargers, the kits and / or tools for regeneration, the relative threads, cotton, mesh and rope and the necessary for the transport of the your mod.

Regenerating an Atomizer is a very simple operation but you need to have both the right tools and the most suitable and quality material to obtain an excellent result.

What is replaced in an electronic cigarette?

Surely one of the fundamental products that requires a necessary replacement is the battery. The battery must definitely be replaced when its charging properties decrease, in fact the more recharging cycles are carried out, the more the battery's longevity decreases.

Usually an 18650 battery can support up to 500 charging cycles, once its capacities decrease. The battery must be replaced if there are signs of dents due to accidental drops or if it has imperfections in the insulation wrap between positive and negative.

In some cases, however, it is possible to replace only the outer wrap with new thermo-shrinking films in order to always keep the outer wrapping in excellent condition. The products that must be replaced in the usual way are cotton and coils, whether they are formed by a single thread or are complex coils.

What is cotton used for and why replace it?

Cotton is one of the products of the electronic cigarette, and in particular of regenerable atomizers that must be replaced almost daily, based on deterioration and the ml of liquid vaped. Cotton has a particular function, that of transporting the liquid from the container (tank) in the case of RTAs or from the juice well in the case of RDAs, to the resistance. It goes without saying that the cleaner the cotton, the purer the liquid vaporized from the coil. A well-cottoned resistance will best vaporize your favorite e-cigarette liquid.

What is the resistance for and when to replace it?

Resistance is the heart of the liquid vaporization process, when heated by activating the fire button, both on electronic and mechanical mods, it heats the liquid on the cotton to a temperature such as to vaporize it.

The various activations of the resistance generate micro residues which in the long run tend to generate encrustations that alter the taste of the liquid and therefore must be eliminated.

In fact, at each change of cotton, micro activations must be carried out with the empty coil in order to heat the sediments and facilitate removal using special tools, such as a coil cleaner brush. This operation can be performed several times until, on a visual level, the resistance or the wire presents structural irregularities (shape) or in terms of taste when the vaporized liquid loses its goodness. First you need a wire (which could be in Kanthal SS316 steel) Cotton Regeneration Base a tweezers a clippers and a bar to create the coil

What tools do you need to clean and regenerate the electronic cigarette?

For a correct cleaning of the coil, surely the Cleaning Coil - Coil cleaning brush or a normal toothbrush with hard bristles (to be used with cold resistance) are essential for the removal of liquid sediments on the resistance. For an easy regeneration it is essential to have either a complete kit to regenerate or the various tools such as:

  • a set of small slotted and star screwdrivers for the different atomizers
  • A precision cutter suitable for cutting thick wires or coils.
  • A ceramic tweezer in order to use it with the coil activated without creating short circuits (the ceramic acts as an insulator)
  • a well-sharpened scissors to cut the cotton
  • A cotton hook or precision tweezers for placing the cotton inside the atomizer

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