How to start vaping: a beginner guide

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start vaping - beginner guide

Are you a smoker? Are you tired of tobacco and want to switch to something else? Or there’s just something about vaping that tingles your curiosity and you want to give it a shot?
Here a brief list of things you may want to know about vaping to start this adventure.

What’s vaping?

Electronic cigarettes were invented in 2003 and got more and more diffused in the last 20 years. It kicked in the market as a healthier alternative to regular tobacco smoking, gaining popularity since then. This device heats up a liquid that contains: vegetable glycerol or vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, aromas for flavor and nicotine to suit one’s preferences. A coil (or atomizer) heats up the e-liquid to the point that it makes vapor that can be inhaled.

Before you buy: E-cigs showdown

Before you buy an electronic cigarette you should consider many variables to your purchase choice, to better understand what is best buy. So here are some questions you should ask yourself before buying a device:

  1. Am I looking for a vaping experience which has a good nicotine kick?
  2. Am I looking forward to be into flavor-land?
  3. Do I want to make huge clouds of vapor?
  4. Or do I want something in the midst? Just a little more discrete?

Each of this questions would clear the mist around your decision to buy the best device and liquid that will suit your needs.

What to buy? The answers

Have you answered to the question above? Good. Now we can start to approach to vaping knowing were to go.

 1. Am I looking for a vaping experience which has a good nicotine kick?

    First of if you’re looking for a good nicotine kick the thing you should keep an eye on is the nicotine content of the liquid you are going to buy to fill up the vape liquid tank of your device, the higher the better. And go for a device that has a coil with an high resistance.

    2. Am I looking forward to be into flavor-land?

    Instead if you are someone more into flavor, you should totally check up the offers stores and online retailers, sure there are some crazy aromas out there. Flavors are basically divided in: Tobacco flavor-like, Virginia, Cavendish, Barley, Perique and other blend for those nostalgic who really enjoyed tobacco aromas. Fruit flavored aromas such as kiwi, mango, strawberry and so on; enough and more to go “bananas” on your fruit fantasies.
    Then we have creamy flavors such as cream, vanilla, milk, cheesecake and many others. Mentholated aromas for those who can’t say no to the fresh touch of a balsamic or mint flavored liquid.

    3.  Do I want to make huge clouds of vapor?

    If you’re up to look like a steam train, you should concentrate on the power of your vaping device.

    If you want to be able to vape super big clouds you should go for a device with a coil that has a lower resistance. This devices use more power so the mods and the batteries are going to be larger too. The tank is going to be larger due to the lower resistance of the coil that is going to consume more liquid to make that insanely huge cloud you really wanted.

    4. Or do I want something in the midst? Just a little more discrete?

    If this is the case you should go for an high resistance pen style electronic cigarette. This devices don’t make huge clouds but they are more easy to carry and use. This devices are ideal for those who prefer comfort over power. 

    What now? Can I start vaping?

    Now that you made up your mind on what suits better and made your responsible purchase, here just a few tips before start:

    • Read the instruction that come with your E-cig; this may seem obvious but the instruction manual as everything you need to know to properly use and take care of your specific device. 
    • Coils and batteries; this you should always have a spare in the closet, just in case they wore out, especially coils. Keeping an eye on this two will improve drastically your vaping experience. A good maintenance is the key. 
    • Learn how to take care of your device as a whole; meaning that you should learn how to clean the liquid tank, learning how to change batteries and coils properly, how and when.

    In conclusion 

    Even if vaping is a little bit trickier that just pick up a pack of cigarettes and a lighter, it’s an healtier alternative that allows you to really get into customizing your vaping experience to suit your preferences. As it goes for bike riding, it may seem hard at the start, but once you crack the first hill there going to be a whole world in front of you. Please enjoy your new vaping device responsibly and have fun.


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