Mouth to lung or direct to lung vaping? what’s the difference?

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MTL vs DTL vaping style

If you’re new to vaping you are probably missing some knowledge on the subject. There are two ways to vape: MTL vaping and DTL vaping, short for mouth to lung vaping and direct to lung vaping. What’s the difference? For MTL vaping the user inhales the vapor into the mouth and only after that breathes in the vapor into the lungs. When DTL vaping the user inhales directly breathes the vapor into the lungs, like when breathing air. Let’s take a deeper look into the subject.

Why is important to know what kind of vaping you are into

Especially if you are new to this world, you might have not clear what you’re preferences are on this subject. For start you might try different devices, different ways of smoking and different flavors.

Each one of this steps will lead you toward your final goal: having an understanding of what you desire. What you want or need as a vaping buddy, it’s something not easy to understand as much as trying to find the right clothing for you to fit.

Are you MTL or DTL? You won’t be really able to know until you try and find the answer, but in this article we will try to help you making you’re first choice or, if you already made it, a better one.

Mouth to lung vaping: what to do

If you were once a smoker now try trying to set up for a vaping experience, looking into a mouth to lung kind of vaping might be the right choice. Some vaping devices are more suitable for MTL than others, this depends on various elements.

An MTL suited device will have an higher resistance and a narrower airflow, that will fit best for an MTL style. Some tank will offer some possibilities to adjust the airflow, switching from tight to loose.

This style is closer to smoking as an experience, it is a mellower approach to vaping. A perfect fit for those who are looking for a vape break from work and chill. A pen style electronic cigarette might do the trick, but every device has different specs that could do the job. Try get detailed informations about the product you are going to buy, to be sure to make the best decision for yourself.

Direct to lung vaping: what to do

Do you like hookas? Do you want to make huge clouds of vapor? A DTL style E-cig might be the best choice for you. DTL friendly electronic cigarettes have lower resistance to allow a wider and stronger airflow.

This allows the vapor to be easily inhaled directly into the lungs without putting to much effort into it. A DTL tank might have the option to be slightly restricted to full throttle mode. Either way direct to lung vaping may sound more hardcore than it actually is.

The DTL style is more suitable for those who are looking for a moment to relax in front of the tv, in a blurry environment. Direct to lung is for those who are really looking into feeling the punch of the flavor permeating your smell, your mouth and your lungs.

Is there any particular e-liquid for MTL or DTL styles?

There is not an E-liquid specifically labeled for a style rather than the other. It is also true that E-liquids might have characteristics that are more enjoyable from a style rather than the other. A liquid with a higher ratio of propylene glycol (PG) will have that extra kick good to enhance an MTL style along with an higher content of nicotine. On the other hand an higher ratio of vegetable glycerin (VG) might suit better a DTL style of vaping due to its ability to produce more and less harsh vapor.

What about coils and power? What suits best my style?

When talking about coils and device power a general rule wants the coils for DTL to be under 1 ohm of resistance, while instead a MTL style device will have to work with an higher resistance.

This values might vary based on the products in question. Anyway an higher resistance is more desirable for a mouth to lung vaping and a lower resistance is more desirable for a direct to lung vaping.

The amount of power you need to vaporize the better your liquid to fit your vaping style, will have a range of 8-18 w for an MTL style and over 18 w up to 80 w for a DTL E-cig. That sounds crazy compared to MTL but if more vapor is what you’re looking for, more power is what you need.

So what should I pick?

Usually a MTL style is close to a regular cigarette smoking and therefore more easy to relate for a smoker that is changing to vape. Also MTL is more easy to approach in general, but that is not a golden rule.

Anyone could find the best solution in either. Even a beginner could enjoy more direct to lung than mouth to lung, it is always a matter of personal taste and experience. Please look carefully to the device you’re about to buy so you can make the best purchase based on your needs.

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