WHITE 4POD - VIRGINIA HIGHLANDS 626 organic tobacco - TNT Vape - 50Ml

WHITE 4POD - VIRGINIA HIGHLANDS 626 organic tobacco - TNT Vape - 50Ml


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For this liquid, TNT VAPE has decided to take you to discover the Scottish Highlands, a land loved by our Aromatiere more than any other in the world. Mixture 626 is composed of Virginia BrightLeaf (A particular virginia dried with charcoal instead of in the sun), Oriental Tobacco that give character and body and a part of Izmir, a giant leaf that gives a round and slightly spicy flavor to the mixture.

Why, given the presence of these leaves, was Scotland brought into question? Easy and simple!

This blend is round with the green hills of Loch Lomond, as tasty as a Haggis dish on the night of January 25th and as sweet as the famous Blueberry Scones in every Pub north of Hadrian's Wall. Alba Gu Bràth!


This product was created after over a year of research and development to offer you an unprecedented aromatic experience. In addition to raw materials of unparalleled value, we have developed a completely innovative aroma extraction system that will allow you tobacco lovers not to have to replace coils, cotton or heads for over 100ml of vaped product. This technique allows you to extract from the leaf only the noble component that gives the aroma, leaving aside all the vegetable part. Hence the name of the line 'PURE DISTILLATES', because neither additives nor particular solvents are used, as the whole production process takes place in a slow and natural way.

The product we have obtained speaks ... CLEAR!

Our almost ten-year love for tobacco forced us to wait until the result was as similar as possible to the use of traditional tobacco macerates and today we are here to present the new Mixture line.

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