Vape cotton is untreated cotton, often in organic varieties that provide absorbent wicking for vape coils. If you are going to use rebuildables like RTAs or RDAs, cotton is by far one of the most important vape supplies in your arsenal.

How to wick a coil

  • Use the right amount of cotton: if you use too much, you could get the occasional dry or burnt hit. If you don’t use enough, it can cause hot spots and inconsistent performance. The cotton strip should be in between two to three times the diameter of the coil it’s going into.
  • Twist the end: if your cotton isn’t agleted, twist and roll an end tightly for easy insertion into your coil. Pull the cotton through: insert the cotton by the twisted end into your coil.
  • Pull it through the other end. It should be snug, but not so much that it moves your coil when you pull it through.
  • Cut the ends: make sure the cotton is centered and cut all of the ends with enough length to go into the atomizer deck without getting bunched up. The length of your wicks is determined by the type of atomizer you’re using. It will take some experimenting to find the perfect cut. 
  • Tuck the wicks in: tuck the ends of your cotton into the wick ports of your deck with a small pair of tweezers or a flathead screwdriver. Be sure not to stuff your cotton in, or it will not be able to wick properly.