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VAPE SpongeBox - 22 & 24mm - 510 protector


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The Sponger 510 protector ring is specially designed to be installed over the 510 of your chosen squonking RDA, before the atty is screwed onto your mod. This soft and thin foam washer stops unwanted swirls marks on your mod’s 510, whilst also providing a soft platform for your atomiser to ‘seat’ against, which avoids ‘atty lock’, which can cause expensive damage to your precious squonking set up.

Available in a range of cool colours, these awesome Spongey washers are the perfect small accessory for protection and colour customisation.


  • Precision cut ultra-spongey foam for maximum protection against atty swirl and unwanted ‘atty lock’
  • Can be inserted straight onto the bottom 510 thread of your chosen RDA in second, with no sticking required
  • Foam compresses to form a soft ‘seat’ between your atty and mod 510, helping avoid atty wobble and scratches to either hardware item
  • Can be inserted inside a flow ring to help avoid seeping juice that collects inside the flow ring inner wall over time. This will also stop unwanted cracking and splitting of a flow ring if you over-tighten the assembly accidentally. The Spongey washer works really well with the popular metal flow rings
  • Ships as a 3 x multi-pack so you have a few spares for use on multiple attys
  • Manufactured in Italy by Spongebox for quality assurance

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