DJEEP PARIS - Lighters for cigarette


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Like a classic car, the Classic DJEEP lacquer wrap finish is glossy and simple on the outside but packed with impressive mechanics on the inside, making it a high-performing, timeless lighter. 36 - Djeep CLASSIC Disposable Lighters - 3 Tier Display Designed for performance. Designed to last. No other disposable lighter matches DJEEP’s unique features. DJEEP’s unique three-tank system gives it a longer life than any other disposable lighter. Up to 4,000 lights, nearly double the lights of the average lighter. The DjEEP flame is adjustable for whatever you’re lighting. 110 rigorous quality inspections ensure that your DJEEP is guaranteed to light long after you take it home. There are lighters, and then there’s DJEEP. Modern, sophisticated, and built to last—DJEEP has it all. Whether you’re cruising the parkway, setting the mood for a romantic date, or just stepping out, DjEEP lights up life’s occasions best. 4,000 Lights Triple tank nearly doubles average lighter. Child Resistant Mechanism Triple action movement, making it harder for children to light but easy for grown-ups. Large WindGuard Don't let a little wind put out your flame! Adjustable Flame Easy to adjust to fit the needs and the occasion. Large Thumbplate Ignite in comfort with DJEEP's large, comfortable and efficient thumbplate.

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