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WARNING: This product is a full PG aroma not ready to use, is necessary to mix it with any kind of neutral base for the correct use.

The Tobacco Extracts line is a range of Organic Flavors (for "Organic", we mean of vegetable origin without further additions of artificial flavors), of the main varieties of tobacco, to be used individually or mixed, to recreate the desired blend. Our products are made using an advanced technology and technique that allows a very high concentration and immediate use, therefore long maturations are not fundamental as the aromatic bouquet is well defined right from the start.

Maryland is a typical American tobacco. Just like Burley, it belongs to the Light Air-Cured class but, unlike the former, it has a unique aroma, almost creamy, smoother and more full-bodied than Burley. It often replaced Burley for the creation of American blends which turned out to be tastier and more structured when combining Virginia, Maryland and Oriental instead of Virginia, Burley and Oriental. The use of Maryland for the creation of American Blends is common among well-known manufacturing companies that have successfully leveraged the amazing properties of this tobacco variety to obtain unrivalled flavour and structure compared to the traditional American blends. Our Maryland Tobacco Extract, belonging to our Elite Line, has a sweet, spicy, full-bodied and appealing aroma, which will win the lovers of sapid but not intrusive tastes, therefore it can be vaped all day long without growing weary of it.

The recommended average dilution falls within a range of 5% to 15%.

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