PERIQUE- LA TABACCHERIA - 10ml - CONCENTRATED FLAVOUR - 100% PG The Steam House Vape Shop In Malta



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WARNING: This product is a full PG aroma not ready to use, is necessary to mix it with any kind of neutral base for the correct use.

The Tobacco Extracts line is a range of Organic Flavors (for "Organic", we mean of vegetable origin without further additions of artificial flavors), of the main varieties of tobacco, to be used individually or mixed, to recreate the desired blend. Our products are made using an advanced technology and technique that allows a very high concentration and immediate use, therefore long maturations are not fundamental as the aromatic bouquet is well defined right from the start.

Perique is called the "Tobacco Truffle". It is the most expensive, both for the very long and laborious production and fermentation process, and because it only grows in a restricted area south of New Orleans. It is used extremely sparingly (up to 5%) in blends, almost as if it were a precious spice. Perique tobacco extract retains all the precious characteristics of this fantastic tobacco. Intense and fruity taste.

The recommended average dilution falls within a range of 5% to 15%.

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