WHITE 4POD - ORIENTAL organic tobacco - La Tabaccheria - 50Ml The Steam House Vape Shop In Malta

WHITE 4POD - ORIENTAL organic tobacco - La Tabaccheria - 50Ml

La Tabaccheria

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The White Oriental of the Extreme 4Pod line is the ideal product for those looking for a version of our Oriental or Izmir tobacco extract, extremely clean and suitable for non-regenerable systems and pod mods.

The White Oriental, from the Extreme 4Pod line, in fact, is totally transparent, this will guarantee a coil life even higher than that guaranteed by the Organic 4Pod Line, which is already incredible.

This product, like all the products belonging to this line, has a truly lovable, soft and enveloping taste, which will take you into a world that is truly surreal!

We wanted to create a product that could finally represent the ideal product for the lover of organic tobacco extracts, especially in combination with non-regenerable atomizers and pod mods.

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